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Services Provided

Community Education

Legal Aid uses local volunteer attorneys to provide community education. Legal Aid collaborates with several community organizations to share legal knowledge and education with programs and program participants.

Free Legal Aid Clinics

Legal Aid Clinics are open to residents of our eight-county service area who have legal questions. You do not need to go through our application process to participate in a legal clinic. Legal Aid provides several legal clinics each month. Participants can expect a brief, confidential consultation with a community volunteer attorney. Attorneys will answer basic questions, provide limited legal advice regarding your rights and obligations, and advice on general areas of law. Please click here to view list of upcoming clinics or call (812) 378-0358 for upcoming clinics information.

Domestic Violence Victims Assistance

Legal Aid provides legal services for victims of domestic violence. This may include direct representation through a community attorney, information, education, and advocacy, as well as information and direction about how to receive victim’s compensation benefits. Referrals to other community agencies are made to applicants requiring other forms of assistance.

Pro Bono Attorney Referral

Upon application and thorough review, Legal Aid may determine the need for a local volunteer attorney to assist in your legal matter and may provide a pro bono referral to a community attorney who will handle your legal case. Participants in this program should be aware that there may be court fees involved and the individual will be responsible for court fees.

Information & Referral

Legal Aid provides information and referrals to other services in the community that can assist a client with basic needs.

Pro Se Assistance


Legal Aid may provide pro se assistance to legal cases. This legal assistance is a limited scope representation program for short-term, limited legal assistance. An attorney will not appear in court on your behalf. You will continue to represent yourself.

Please contact the Legal Aid office for more information.

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